A Different View of the United States [27-01-2012]
It is common knowledge that North Korea’s state media often described the U.S. in countless negative terms. Throughout history, North Korea’s school textbooks referred to the U.S. as an imperialist enemy and disturber of world peace. Surprisingly, recent reports claim that the new North Korean books are devoid of criticism of America.

An Englishman and professor of East Asian history in Australia, Stewart Lone, told the media that the new textbooks do not make any hostile references to the U.S. Lone, who regularly visits the reclusive state, had taught at two elite middle schools in North Korea and was asked to check the text for its accuracy and relevance of topics.

Political pundits are questioning whether the absence of criticism of America in the textbooks reflects a change of heart for the officials at Pyongyang. Some believe that with the shift in political power, Pyongyang’s attitude toward Washington has softened up, perhaps in an effort to mend ties with the U.S. Although much remains uncertain about North Korea’s upcoming policies, if the new textbooks are carried out, there will be much significance. History shows that North Korean students are taught to be proud of their society and its ability to stand up against the U.S.