Are Energy Drinks Really Helpful? [24-02-2012]
These days, energy drinks are gaining huge popularity among teens. They are known to help you stay awake and alert. However, these drinks contain too much caffeine. So, are they really helpful? Here, Sam and Molly are talking about the topic.

Sam: Are you ready for today’s test?

Molly: I guess so. At least I studied all through the night!

Sam: You didn’t sleep at all? Then, you must be very tired.

Molly: Well, I’m OK because I drank a lot of energy drinks to keep me awake.

Sam: Hey, that’s not good for your health. In fact, energy drinks contain high levels of sugar and caffeine.

Molly: My mom won’t let me drink coffee, so I chose to drink energy drinks instead.

Sam: I heard that these drinks contain more caffeine than coffee or green tea.

Molly: Really? But is caffeine really bad for me?

Sam: If you drink too much caffeine, you can’t grow taller. According to doctors, an increased level of caffeine in the body can also lead to stomach problems, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Molly: Ah, maybe that is why my heart is beating so quickly. I feel a little dizzy, too.

Sam: Also, caffeine can make your bones weak and stunt your growth. If you want to grow taller, stop drinking energy drinks. Besides, experts say that these drinks don’t really help you concentrate on your studies.

Molly: Then, I will stop drinking energy drinks.