Talk, Talk, Talk: Why All the Buzz about Kim Yu-na? [18-05-2012]
There’s no doubt about it. Figure skating queen Kim Yu-na is a megastar who is always debated about until the Internet runs out of pages. The latest buzz surrounding Kim, who is known for her transcendent character, has been her decision to become a spokeswoman for Hite, a local beer brand.
There are those who are delighted and entertained to watch Kim playfully dancing and singing on television while waving a silver beer can. On the other hand a group of doctors aren’t pleased. The Korean Academy of Addiction Psychiatry raised concerns over the sports star appearing in an advertisement for an alcoholic beverage.

In some ways the fact that there are people raising an eyebrows isn’t a surprise. It is true that many would argue that her influence is strong enough to reach the youngsters watching television. Personally, I do not believe a regulation is necessary to prevent athletes from appearing on commercials for alcoholic beverages.

This isn’t to say that stars should completely disregard the fact that we are living in a nation suffering from increasing drinking problems. Genuine efforts must be made to improve the nation’s drinking culture. But how does Kim’s recent involvement in the debated commercial promote alcoholic addiction?

There are countless stars from sports and entertainment industries who appear in various beer commercials. Are they all highly criticized for their decision? Creating a trustworthy drinking culture doesn’t start with stopping all influential people from being featured in beer commercials. Before anything else, perhaps we need a new gossip culture.