How to Increase Your Brain Power [09-12-2011]
The brain is a very important organ. It is doing many things for us. We cannot think, talk or move if the brain doesn’t work properly. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your brain. Did you know that you can train your brain? There are many ways to increase your brain power. Here, Kevin and his mom are talking about the ways to improve brain power.

Kevin: Mom, what time are you going to come to my school tomorrow?

Mom: Tomorrow? Why do I have to go to your school tomorrow, Kevin?

Kevin: Did you forget about my basketball game? You promised to come! Remember?

Mom: Oh, is that tomorrow? I totally forgot. I’m very sorry, son. These days, I often forget important things. Maybe I’m getting older.

Kevin: No, mom, I think you’ve been very busy and stressed out lately with so many different things. Maybe you should start brain exercises to improve your memory.

Mom: Ok, let’s surf the Internet to find out how I can increase my brain power. Let’s see… oh, here it is.

Kevin: Wow, there are so many different ways to increase our brain power. Deep breathing, meditation, and regular exercise are helpful. Even learning a new language and doing puzzles can make you smarter.

Mom: Also, eating fish, nuts, and olive oil is good for the brain. It also says that avoiding sugar is good, too.

Kevin: Oh, writing is also good for your brain. It helps clarify your thinking. It also helps you recall your memories more easily.

Mom: Then, I should start keeping a diary every day. It will help me remember the things I have to do on a daily basis. It will also tell me the things I have to do in the future.

Kevin: Yes, that’s a great idea, mom. Also, try to get enough sleep because if you are tired, you may not be able to think clearly sometimes. Laughter also lowers stress levels, and it is good for the brain.