Another Talent Departs Korea [02-12-2011]
The Korea Baseball Organization한국야구위원회 may have to say farewell to the power slugger Lee Dae-ho of the Lotte Giants. Sources have confirmed that the veteran, who debuted with the Giants in 2001, refused to sign a new contract with the Busan-based club. Lee will be pursuing new opportunities in Japan.

Although his team tried hard to retain him, even offering 10 billion won in a four-year deal, Lee declined. It was the league’s biggest offer. The current record for the highest signing was Sim Jeong-soo’s 6 billion won contract with the Samsung Lions in 2004. After ending his 11 years with the club, the 29-year-old will be sitting down with Japanese agents to find the most suitable team.

Lee’s departure will leave a huge blow for the Giants and their fans. “I was grateful for the offer, but I must follow my dreams,” Lee said in a recent interview. Lee averaged .357 with 27 home runs, leading the team to the postseason.