The Brand Name Windbreaker Trend with Teenagers [02-12-2011]
These days, many teenagers in Korea wear expensive brand name outdoor sports windbreakers. In some schools, more than half of the students wear the North Face jackets to school. Many teachers even say that the popular outdoor wear has become a part of school uniforms. It costs about 500,000 won to buy the windbreaker. Why do teenagers wear such expensive article of clothing? Here, Na-kyung and So-min are talking about the topic.

So-min: Hey, why the long face? Is something wrong?

Na-kyung: Yes, I had an argument with my mom. She wouldn’t buy me a North Face windbreaker because it’s too expensive. I don’t want to go to school anymore.

So-min: Hey, your coat looks really nice on you. Why do you want to wear such an expensive jumper?

Na-kyung: All of the cool girls in my class wear it. I want to look cool and be part of them.

So-min: Don’t be silly. I don’t think wearing a certain jacket brand makes you look cooler.

Na-kyung: But only a few students in my class don’t have the jumper. I don’t want to look like a loser.

So-min: I read an article about the weird teen fashion trend. An expert said that teenagers who are suffering from low self-confidence have a tendency to wear expensive clothing. They want to comfort themselves by joining the mainstream culture by giving in to the fad.

Na-kyung: Hmm… I think that makes sense. In fact, my classmates who don’t have the North Face jumpers are all brilliant. It seems like they don’t care about the fashion trend. Instead, they focus on their studies and enjoy other extra curriculum activities after school.

So-min: Exactly! A recent survey shows that superior students have less of a desire for the North Face jackets. They prefer to buy musical instruments or exercise to relieve stress and for self-enrichment rather than buying expensive brand names.

Na-kyung: Okay, now I understand that wearing certain clothing doesn’t make me a cool person. From now on, I will focus more on my studies and self-improvement!