Foreign Tourists Visit Korea to Enjoy Musicals [04-05-2012]
Korean culture and music is loved by many people all over the world these days. Korean musicals are also gaining huge popularity among foreigners. It is not difficult to see foreign tourists at theaters. In fact, some musical theaters are often jam-packed with foreigners from various countries, including China, Thailand, America, Russia, Sweden, and Japan.
Many of these people visit Korea and watch musicals on their vacation. Some Korean musical fans from other Asian countries even watch the same musical several times. “I watched the musical Catch Me If You Can four times. I think I will watch it again next time I visit Korea,” said a 26-year-old tourist from China.

Another fan from Taiwan said she watched the musical 10 times and is planning to watch it again. why are foreigners so crazy about Korean musicals? They come to watch musicals to see their favorite Korean singers and actors. They also come to enjoy high-quality musicals. They say Korean musical actors are very talented and the sets are extraordinary.
In order to help foreign fans enjoy Korean musicals, many theaters provide English, Chinese, or Japanese subtitles. Let’s hope more tourists visit Korea to enjoy our musicals!