iPad mini to be Released? [04-05-2012]
Nowadays Apple seems to be generating more gossip than the British royal family. Apple has been a very consistent source of spinning rumors. The rumor mill just doesn’t stop when it comes to Apple’s various products. And most of the time the rumors turn out to be untrue. The latest rumor is that Apple plans to release a smaller iPad model, an idea that company founder, Steve Jobs, derided publicly a year before he passed away.

Rumors surrounding the iPad mini have been around since the first iPad was released two years ago. Although Apple officials and its suppliers are staying silent, the latest rumor has been fed by media reports from Korea, China and Taiwan. Technically speaking, the smaller tablet could help Apple further its lead in the tablet market. Looking at it from a competitive standpoint, an iPad mini could become a competitor’s worst nightmare. The truth is, most competitors already have a tough time competing against Apple’s iPad2. Apple has been highly successful at fending off its competitors who have tried to sell tablets in the iPad’s size range.

Of course a smaller iPad could produce headaches for software developers. Having a different size device means all the applications and stores must develop new materials. Then again, gadget freaks will jump at the new iPad mini if it ever gets developed and released. Thus, it will only be a matter of time before developers adapt their programs to smaller tablets.
The late CEO stated that a seven-inch tablet isn’t proper since it can’t become a great tablet PC. How do you feel about a seven-inch tablet, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad?