The Winner of the Final Round! [13-04-2012]
It definitely was a very close call. The final battle between Koo Ja-myung and Bae Soo-jung wasn’t only difficult for the judges but even the viewers couldn’t decide who deserved more points. Koo earned 56.9 points from the judges while Bae followed closely behind with 54.6 points.
Becoming the winner of MBC’s audition program “Great Birth 2,” Koo received 300 million won in prize money. A once promising football prospect before suffering a serious injury that ended his career, Koo will begin a new career as a singer and musician.

Although he was once named the most valuable player at the 2006 Suwon International Youth Club Football Championship and made the under-17 national team, Koo had to continue his life by delivering food for restaurants.
Koo told reporters that he will be giving all of his winnings to his mother and continue to live a humble life.